Adhiraja Dharmashoka

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Adhiraja Dharmashoka tele drama which has been telecasted by Derana television, is one of best program to watch. TV channel was able to use proper Sinhala language including real Sinhala words to add real value for this program.

Empire Ashoka who had built close friendship with Sri Lankan king Dewanam Piyathissa, made platform to establish Buddhism in Sri Lankan. During ruler Ashoka’s period he had done great effort to share valuable Buddhism around the world and he made 3rd dharma casuistry to save the Buddhism and its culture.  Though he was an Indian empire people respect to neglecting nation due his valuable effort and services.

King Ashoka was an Indian empire of Maurya dynasty who ruled India few decades expanding the kingdom. Chandragupta Maurya started to rule Magadha kingdom with the help of his teacher Chanakya. This was the beginning of Maurya dynasty and King Bindusara was the son of Chandragupta. Ashoka’s father Bindusara and mother Subhaddrangi (Dharma) had closed relationship than others it might be their qualities and good understanding about rush life as a ruler and his wife.

City Pataliputha was the capital city of Magadhaya. Kalinga war was the point which change whole life of Magadha empire Ashoka. Final result of this war were huge disasters including unexpected deaths and injuries to human. By dint of this reason king suffered lot and converted to Buddhism with the changes of his whole life.

Among his sons and daughters, Mahendra and Sangamiththa enter in to Buddhist life and became as monks. Finally, they achieved Nibbana and they done major role to establish Buddhism in Sri Lanka.


King Buddhadasa

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The of kingdom Anuradhapura had been ruled by more kings, Monarch Buddhadasa was one of special ruler among them. He was the 66th king of this kingdom and he was the son of King Jettathissa who famous for artistic skills and expert knowledge of arts.

Monarch Jettathissa’s son Buddhadasa was a human friendly ruler and people respected him due to his people oriented ruling system. He was the only king who excelled in Ayurvedic medicines and surgeries. He performed surgical operations and medicines to save both people and animal lives.

He used to Dhasarajadharmaya to rule his kingdom and He had given top priority to enhance the quality of Ayurveda medicines. During his ruling period he built Ayurveda centers in the villages and appointed Ayurveda doctors to treat his people.

There is one of story related to his life.

One day when King Buddhadasa was visiting to viharaya, saw a one of cobra wriggling on an anthill near to Mirisavatiya Viharaya by dint of large abscess. He stopped his travelling and observed this snake. He identified reason and started the surgery to save this animals life. Monarch has a habit to carry all the surgical instrument when he was travelling to help others.

Though he was doing hard surgery to big cobra, it was silently stay without troubling to king. This was the one of goods example to identify the quality of ruler. He similarly treated to all of them during his peaceful ruling era.

Beauty of Sri Lanka,

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We live in very complicated society. If we need to increase conditions of our life, we have to work-hard to full fill needs and wants achieving satisfaction. Due to rush environment human has to relax their mind. Natural environment is the best place to relax our mind but we have to plan our journey correctly to take maximum opportunity. I have added details of natural and beautiful places in Sri Lanka to my blog and You can watch and see its beauty without damage that places because we ought to handover this beautiful environment to our future generation also.

Beautiful Places in Sri Lanka

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sri-lanka-elephants-1600x900Sri Lanka is a naturally beautiful island, which surrounds in Indian Ocean. The island consists with different kind of weather patterns and environments thought it is a small island. Ceylon tea, cinnamon and other spices are world famous quality products manufactured in Sri Lanka.  Historical and Beautiful places have made more opportunities for visitors to create unforgettable memories in their life.


Kandy was last kingdom of Sri Lanka, that consists with geographic diversity, whic1h shows beauty of Sri Lanka. Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic is the valuable place in this area and it was built with in the royal place complex. The Sacred Tooth Relic was valuable factor of the kingdom. People believed that whoever hold The Scared Tooth Relic is the governor of the country. Because of this reason every king always protected it providing security and doing all customs.

Every year Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic organize the pageant (Dalada Perahera) month of July to respect Sacred Tooth Relic. Since 6t2.jpgh Century event has been continued with the participation of cultural events and elephants



3Sigiriya also most beautiful and historical place which located in Dabulla town. 200 meters’ height rock was a kingdom in Anuradhapura Era. King Kashapa who was able to build this places, has changed this rock creating ponds, making sculpture to add beauty, and cannel to save his kingdom from terrorist. Stroke Paintings has added beauty to this rock.4.jpg

Top of the rock, we can see old structure of the palace with ponds. Oldest technology has used to carry water for ponds which designed in top of the rock.  Natural forest that surround the Sigiriya rock, helps to create beautiful environment with clean air.

Garbage pollution is a major issue that has been polluting environment, water resources and making tones of issues around world. Garbage pollution means littering civic waste in to places, which are not particularly designed to dispose it. Pollution of garbage increases in cities and towns where there is no proper mechanism of waste management. We can not directly say garbage should be managed by government but method of management and other part can be implemented.

Adam’s Peak

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Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada) is a one of beautiful and Buddhist religion place which situated in boundary of Rathnapura and Nuwara Eliya districts. This is the third tallest mountain that has comprised with rain forest areas and four main rivers in Sri Lanka, Start from this zone such as Mahaweli ,Kelani, Kalu and Walawe. People can use three roads to go Adam‘s peak, Hatton – Nallathanniya road, Kuruwita – Erathna Raod and Rathnapura- Palabaddala road.

According to Historical details, Lord Buddha came to Sri Lanka 3rd time as King Maniakkitha who was ruling Kelaniya, invited Buddha to participate alms in his palace.   Accepting his invitation Lord Buddha arrived Sri Lanka after that God Sumana Saman had requested from Gauthama Buddha to give something to warship, As a result of his request Buddha made foot print in Sripada. It was not a famous place in historical society until Nishshanka Malla kings period. He was one of peaceful and human oriented King who had been ruling country several years ago. At that period they were able to find Sripada after hardest process.  It was a huge challengeable task to go and warship Buddha’s foot print before renovate the roads.

Thanthirimale Temple

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Thanthirimale Rajamaha Viharaya is a historical temple in Sri Lanka, which is located approximately 40 Km North West of Anuradhapura city. According to believers of villages, Thanthirimale area was the village of Ashaokamala and her family. Temple and village is situated near the Malwathu Oya therefore we can believe information, It might have connection with 1st generation of Sri Lanka.

According to historical details, When Sangamittha Theroni was carrying Sri Maha Bodiya, They lodge Thanthirimale before came to Anuradhapura kingdom. After that one of Bo –tree was planted here to memorize that movement Bo-tree is one plant of Sri Maha Bodiya. Temple was established in 3rd century and 19th century people were able to find this valuable place. 1960 temple was reconstructed and opened to warship.

Temple consisted with very old few Buddha’s statutes, Bodhiya and other few valuable places. You can visit this place to warship and watch historical places but don’t pollute its natural environment adding garbage to Environment.