Women and Child Abuses

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According to law and order of countries actions have been taken to reduce woman and child abuses around the world which directly affect to whole life of women and children because abuses have ability to change life cycle adding negative factors. Both developing and developed countries introduce required rules and regulations to save their lives arranging lots of programs with UNICEF and other organizations, making women and children protecting authorities and organizations that help to save birth and continuation of this earth.

The term woman abuses describe any kind of abuses a woman is subject to because she is a woman this type of harmful activities call gender based violence or masculinity base harassments. Women misuses can be happened females intimate relationship in which cases may be called domestic violence or intimate partner abuses.

Child abuses or child maltreatment is physical or sexual or psychological mistreatment or neglect of a child or children, specially by parent or other party. Above things can be occurred in house, school in an organization, community or any other place.

When they talk about both women and children protection and abuses, make low and order to protect them in the world, organizers whose activities may not consider about both parties psychological, economic, social, and spiritual abuses, have to identify that what are the most harmful areas. Internationally and Locally there are lots of groups of people and organizations, who highly engaged with society to mitigate harmful activities against life of world. Though they work introducing low and order, there are tons of hidden issues in the society that cannot be easily identified by above program conductors.

If there is a sexual abuse defiantly, people and other protection authorities take actions against it and everyone has knowledge to face that kid of situations using low and order properly to save above party without making any damage to her or his life because of awareness of sexual abuses. In order to their protection we have to think about whole life without considering one or two factor. Psychological abuse is one of major incident which difficult them to bare because it may cause to make bad life cycle on whole life. We can identify following factors as psychological abuses.

  • Verbally abuse them insulting
  • Insulting them calling such as stupid, crazy or inhalant
  • Controlling their life making limitations on life.

According to social harassment that take place in front of their family, friends, co-workers, school or education centres. They may be abused in different way such as,

  • Putting them down or ignoring in public
  • Cutting them off from friends, society, school and class room.

Economic abuses we can identify in different view; children workers are illegal but still group of people use them as labours because cost can be saved. Every try to get this advantage by violating common practises in the world. and women are employed paying low salaries than males. Low and order are not able to control it

According to above details, we can get idea about women and children abuses around the world. I do not like to categorized those issues country vies because it might occur around the world without considering status of counties. We ought to save them as they are the future of this world.


Garbage pollution is a major issue that has been polluting environment, water resources and making tones of issues around world. Garbage pollution means littering civic waste in to places, which are not particularly designed to dispose it. Pollution of garbage increases in cities and towns where there is no proper mechanism of waste management. We can not directly say garbage should be managed by government but method of management and other part can be implemented.

Adam’s Peak

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Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada) is a one of beautiful and Buddhist religion place which situated in boundary of Rathnapura and Nuwara Eliya districts. This is the third tallest mountain that has comprised with rain forest areas and four main rivers in Sri Lanka, Start from this zone such as Mahaweli ,Kelani, Kalu and Walawe. People can use three roads to go Adam‘s peak, Hatton – Nallathanniya road, Kuruwita – Erathna Raod and Rathnapura- Palabaddala road.

According to Historical details, Lord Buddha came to Sri Lanka 3rd time as King Maniakkitha who was ruling Kelaniya, invited Buddha to participate alms in his palace.   Accepting his invitation Lord Buddha arrived Sri Lanka after that God Sumana Saman had requested from Gauthama Buddha to give something to warship, As a result of his request Buddha made foot print in Sripada. It was not a famous place in historical society until Nishshanka Malla kings period. He was one of peaceful and human oriented King who had been ruling country several years ago. At that period they were able to find Sripada after hardest process.  It was a huge challengeable task to go and warship Buddha’s foot print before renovate the roads.

Thanthirimale Temple

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Thanthirimale Rajamaha Viharaya is a historical temple in Sri Lanka, which is located approximately 40 Km North West of Anuradhapura city. According to believers of villages, Thanthirimale area was the village of Ashaokamala and her family. Temple and village is situated near the Malwathu Oya therefore we can believe information, It might have connection with 1st generation of Sri Lanka.

According to historical details, When Sangamittha Theroni was carrying Sri Maha Bodiya, They lodge Thanthirimale before came to Anuradhapura kingdom. After that one of Bo –tree was planted here to memorize that movement Bo-tree is one plant of Sri Maha Bodiya. Temple was established in 3rd century and 19th century people were able to find this valuable place. 1960 temple was reconstructed and opened to warship.

Temple consisted with very old few Buddha’s statutes, Bodhiya and other few valuable places. You can visit this place to warship and watch historical places but don’t pollute its natural environment adding garbage to Environment.

New  As a nation we have been celebrating few festivals since our history. Sinhala and Hindu New Year Festival is one of valuable and interesting festival among them, which is celebrated, based on Sun. King Rawana was a power full and human friendly ruler according to historical factors. In their period they had called sun as their god by dint of it; they might have started to celebrate New Year Festival in their era. New Year festival is celebrated based on astrological factors that have added strong meaning to it to show its value to human.

The dawn of the New Year is based on the Sun’s astrological movement from the Hose of Pisces (Meena Rashiya) to the House of Aries (Mesha Rashiya). According to astrological calculation New Year arises in mid of April month that the main reason to celebrate New Year festival in middle of April. Other important factor is Farmers complete all their cultivation and collect fresh harvest before this day so they have an ability to celebrate this event with fresh foods and without straggling with any financial issue. Before the New Year day people clean their houses and purchase new equipment and cloths, especially people buy new clay pot to prepare milk rice. When they make arrangements for this movement Sinhala & Tamil people who have been celebrating this special day since history, believe that, this is the best day to renew their all relations and activities with others.

Customs are the main function in the New Year Day, which have to follow each and every family without rejecting or changing. Before the New Year day we do 1st custom, it is called bath for Old Year. This is very rare in current society.  Using Ayurveda medicate people bath. At the Punaya Kalaya People uses to go to Temple and do religions activities.  After the dawn of New Year as a 1st custom, Milk rice is prepared according to given astrological time This is the time whole nation makes milk rice at same time, that can be identified as a characteristic of peacefully and equality of country, then as next custom we do some transaction with well to respect water which help to do our cultivation. Some people plant new plant also, we warship our parents and do some financial transaction with them and people eat prepared milk rice with their family. Aurudu customs are ending with Hisathel Geme event which is normally organized by monk in the village temple.

To celebrate New Year Festival different kinds of sweets are prepared, such as Kavum (Small oil cake), Kokis, Aluwa , Mung Keum and many other sweets. Those sweets are prepared using rice flour and suger, actually taste is supper. Visiting neighbor houses and exchanging sweets is one of major activity in New Year period, which may help to renew their relationship with people.

With the modern society, people have neglected these valuable customs because those things directly help to change over attitudes and to success human life with good qualities especially family relationship. So we have to think about those things if need to share value of peaceful family with our next generation it may cause to reduce conflicts between children and parents.


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Do you know about Mr. C.W.W Kannangara? He was one of the most intelligent persons in Sri Lanka, who had real vision to develop education sector in our country without considering social differences. We called him as Father of Sri Lankan education because of his great vision, now everyone has right to obtain free education from Government Schools.

Crestoper William Wijekoon Kannangara was born on 13th October in 1884 in Gall district in southern province in Sri Lanka. His father’s was Daniel Wijekoon Kannangara, the Deputy Fiscal Officer in the Balapitiya Court and his mother’s name was Emily Wijesinghe. He obtained is primary education from temple that may have helped him to change his person attitudes. For the higher education he attended Wesleyan Missionary in Ambalangoda. He was able to show his intelligence at this school. Prize giving event was organized by the school and they had invited principle of Galle Richman collage as their chief gust. Kannangara won many prizes than other students. He was able to become as most intelligent and best student of the school.  Richmond’s Principle Darrel talked with him and opened his school door for this great student.

He was the all-round student in the Richmand collage. Captain of school cricket team, member of debate and soccer team made real platform to won more colors in the school for his great performance. After leaving school, he taught Mathematics first at Richmond College and then Prince of Wales College, Moratuwa and Wesley College, Colombo. While teaching he studied law. He passed out as an Attorney at law in 1910. He set up his first law practice in Galle the same year. He married Edith de Alwis Edrisinha in 1922.

After selected to state council he was appointed as minister of Education. Doing his job in a right way thought he had more challengers he was able to open education door for every one without considering their Cast, Religion, Economy or social status. By dint of his vision, More intelligent people were generated for our society.


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My Grandfather was a great man who had consisted with great knowledge about society, Damma, History of country and etc. When I was a child, I had a habit to listen his nice stories. Kind Dutugamunu story which I have published here is one of great story. This is not copied from any book.  This one might different with published books.

The king Dutugamunu was a one of great person who ruled Sri Lanka more than 24 years.  King Kawanthissa and Queen Viharamahadevi were his mother and father. They named their newly born son as Duttagamini Abaya. When he was a child there were tons of arguments with his father about Anuradhapura kingdom ruler Elara. Discussion and arguments were going on with the time but King Kawanthissa wanted to carry on peaceful mechanism to govern the country so he did not try to start attacks with choler King Elara. As a result of his father’s method Duttagamini was suffered and finally he decided to send women’s clothes and jewelries to his father. After saw those things king got angry and order to arrest his son.

Queen Viharamadevi wanted to protect his son from father’s decision therefore she asked his son to leave from palace while handing rice pack. Accepting her request he decided to go Kothmale. While he was walking to Kothmale, he waited near to small cannel and ready to eat rice packet. Before he ate, thought that if I become as king of Sri Lanka this anchovy should swim by releasing one sprat in to water. Incident was happed. Then again he thought if I become as a king of Sri Lanka this rice should grow by putting rice that occasion also happed.

In consequence of his safety without indicates his actual name and family he behaves as a farmer. After King Kawanthissa’s death, kingdom needed to find Duttagamini to appoint as their next king to rule their regime. They used their Royal Tusker to find him. As a result of their findings they were able to find him, while he was furrowing paddy. Because of that occasion people may say “ Mada Sodagath Goviya Rajakamatath Sudusui” as a Sinhala statement. He was coronation as Dutugamunu. Then his duty was started by organizing people around the country.

While he had been attacking against King Elara for several years he had lost some times. One day  he  lost war and  he went small house in Mahiyangana area for his safety. There was an old women and she offered hot rice to eat him without knowing about him. Because of hot rice he ate without any proper order. She said that, your eating was equal to King Dutugamunu’s war so you have to eat rice with a proper order. He was able to apply her advice to win the war with King Elara.

Final war was held in Wijithapura in Anuradhaoura, that was the kindom of cholar king Elara’s . After that Dutugamunu became as the king of Sri Lanka and he ruled the country 24 years.