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My Grandfather was a great man who had consisted with great knowledge about society, Damma, History of country and etc. When I was a child, I had a habit to listen his nice stories. Kind Dutugamunu story which I have published here is one of great story. This is not copied from any book.  This one might different with published books.

The king Dutugamunu was a one of great person who ruled Sri Lanka more than 24 years.  King Kawanthissa and Queen Viharamahadevi were his mother and father. They named their newly born son as Duttagamini Abaya. When he was a child there were tons of arguments with his father about Anuradhapura kingdom ruler Elara. Discussion and arguments were going on with the time but King Kawanthissa wanted to carry on peaceful mechanism to govern the country so he did not try to start attacks with choler King Elara. As a result of his father’s method Duttagamini was suffered and finally he decided to send women’s clothes and jewelries to his father. After saw those things king got angry and order to arrest his son.

Queen Viharamadevi wanted to protect his son from father’s decision therefore she asked his son to leave from palace while handing rice pack. Accepting her request he decided to go Kothmale. While he was walking to Kothmale, he waited near to small cannel and ready to eat rice packet. Before he ate, thought that if I become as king of Sri Lanka this anchovy should swim by releasing one sprat in to water. Incident was happed. Then again he thought if I become as a king of Sri Lanka this rice should grow by putting rice that occasion also happed.

In consequence of his safety without indicates his actual name and family he behaves as a farmer. After King Kawanthissa’s death, kingdom needed to find Duttagamini to appoint as their next king to rule their regime. They used their Royal Tusker to find him. As a result of their findings they were able to find him, while he was furrowing paddy. Because of that occasion people may say “ Mada Sodagath Goviya Rajakamatath Sudusui” as a Sinhala statement. He was coronation as Dutugamunu. Then his duty was started by organizing people around the country.

While he had been attacking against King Elara for several years he had lost some times. One day  he  lost war and  he went small house in Mahiyangana area for his safety. There was an old women and she offered hot rice to eat him without knowing about him. Because of hot rice he ate without any proper order. She said that, your eating was equal to King Dutugamunu’s war so you have to eat rice with a proper order. He was able to apply her advice to win the war with King Elara.

Final war was held in Wijithapura in Anuradhaoura, that was the kindom of cholar king Elara’s . After that Dutugamunu became as the king of Sri Lanka and he ruled the country 24 years.

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    gud job.. lyk it

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    thanks for this toooooooooooo

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