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This story was told to me by my grand father. He told me many stories. This is one story. This is not copied from another book.

          Dutugamunu was the most interesting king in Sri Lanka. He reigned for 24 years.  His first name is Duttagamini Abya.  His father’s name was King Kawanthissa. Dutagamini’s mother’s name was VIharamaha Devi. Duttagamini had one brother. His name was Saddathissa.

        King Kawanthissa faced a big war but he could not protect Sri lanka. He tried very well, but he could not do it.  One day Duttagamini sent women’s cloths for his father. His father was angry. He told his solders. You must kill Duttagamini. Viharamahadevi overheard it. He told his son and he secretly went away from the Palace. (maligawen wena gamakata horen pitathkala).

           He went to a village. It was Kothmalee. He met a villager and Dutugamunu talked with him and stayed in his house. He helped the villager work. He learnt to cultivate and other things.

         One Sri Lankan people wanted a king. They searched the people and found one. That person was Duttagamini. He got it. He organised the people and they went to fight with king Elara. They fought. They won Anuradhapura. They went to Vijithapura and Killed king Elara and released Sri Lanka. They were very happy.

     Dutugamunu helped all the people and tried to develop our country. He built temples. He built Ruwanwalisaya Dagaba and MIriswatiya Dagaba. He was a most interesting and pious king.

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