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Do you know about Mr. C.W.W Kannangara? He was one of the most intelligent persons in Sri Lanka, who had real vision to develop education sector in our country without considering social differences. We called him as Father of Sri Lankan education because of his great vision, now everyone has right to obtain free education from Government Schools.

Crestoper William Wijekoon Kannangara was born on 13th October in 1884 in Gall district in southern province in Sri Lanka. His father’s was Daniel Wijekoon Kannangara, the Deputy Fiscal Officer in the Balapitiya Court and his mother’s name was Emily Wijesinghe. He obtained is primary education from temple that may have helped him to change his person attitudes. For the higher education he attended Wesleyan Missionary in Ambalangoda. He was able to show his intelligence at this school. Prize giving event was organized by the school and they had invited principle of Galle Richman collage as their chief gust. Kannangara won many prizes than other students. He was able to become as most intelligent and best student of the school.  Richmond’s Principle Darrel talked with him and opened his school door for this great student.

He was the all-round student in the Richmand collage. Captain of school cricket team, member of debate and soccer team made real platform to won more colors in the school for his great performance. After leaving school, he taught Mathematics first at Richmond College and then Prince of Wales College, Moratuwa and Wesley College, Colombo. While teaching he studied law. He passed out as an Attorney at law in 1910. He set up his first law practice in Galle the same year. He married Edith de Alwis Edrisinha in 1922.

After selected to state council he was appointed as minister of Education. Doing his job in a right way thought he had more challengers he was able to open education door for every one without considering their Cast, Religion, Economy or social status. By dint of his vision, More intelligent people were generated for our society.

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    z_p07-dr-cwwkannangara1Do you know about Mr. C.W.W Kannangara? He was one of the most intelligent persons in Sri Lanka.

    Kannangara was born in Galle in 18 October in 1884. His father’s name was Mr Piskal Rahalami. Kannangara’s mother’s name is Mrs. Emali Wijesinha. Kannangara’s Full name is Kristoper Wiliyan Wijekon Kannangara. He studied at theGalle temple. After that he attended Welsiyan School in Ambalangoda. One day his school had a prize giving. On this day came the Galle Richman School’s principle. That day Kannangara won many prizes. He had 1 st place in his class. Principle Daral Piyathuma talked with him.

    This Principle told Kannangara. He would like to have Kannangara at his school. He studied well and got a big present. This was in 1903. He won the Math’s prize. (Ganitha viddiyawa pilibadawa hodama sammanaya ohuta labuni). He joined his school’s cricket team, after his school life. He was a teacher. He taught in his school. After that he went to Moratuwa Prince of Wales School. After that he joined Law College in the year 1910. He became a lawyer. Kannankara joined AMADAHAPA WIYAPARAYA. He joined this to fight in the struggle for Sri Lanka’s Freedom. ( Nidahasa labaganna Sri lankawata). I also think this was to join politics. He joined with politics. He was selected to parliament and was in the ministry of Education. He presented the Free Education system in parliament. (Ohuta ehidi wiwida bada athiuwa namuth ohu ema bada iwath karagena mama panatha wadi chandayen sammatha karagaththa).

    After that all Sri Lankan students could study well. They started to study. After that many schools were built in Sri Lanka. He tried to develop the Education system.

    C.W.W. Kannangara died 23rd of September

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